10 August 2016

The Pirates and deep water castle

On last Sunday, I decided to spare sometimes from my hectic schedule and go to my native village to meet my parents and  the family members and children of my brother who lives in my native place. Accordingly, I have taken leave from my duty and caught Saturday evening train and reached my native place early Sunday morning.

When I reached, everyone was surprised as I had not informed anyone about my arrival. After arrival, I rush to my mom and dad and take their blessing as I was at my native place for almost after 6 months so I spend my morning session with elders and decided to enjoy playing and fun with children in the evening. 

As It is my regular practice, whenever I go to my native place, I used to watch the play of children because their innocence in the act is attracted me a lot. And Children from my neighbor also know this so whenever they know about my arrival they also come to my home for play because sometimes I gave them chocolate or story books.

It was almost evening 05:30 most of the children have arrived but my six years old nephew was not present. It was surprising to me as his is the kid who starts games with unique and different ideas and story.

I started searching him and in last, I saw he was sitting on a bed and was busy with Colgate magical sea world. I asked him where you got it. He replied he got it from my bag when he was searching for some chocolate,

 I again asked him then? Again he replied he took all these cartoons to his school and there he played with these sea animals along with his school friend.Again I asked do you know about it? I replied yes he saw it on television in a colgate toothpaste advertisement. I questioned him to tell me what these sea animals are and can you tell what these sea animals are doing?
In reply to my question, he narrated a very beautiful story in questions and answers form but I am writing it as a one piece story.

“Today is the birthday of starfish and his friends Swordfish, puffer fish, Dolphin, octopus, sea turtle has organized a birthday party at sea beach. They also invited the sea queen Mermaid for the birthday party. Miss Mermaid was also present in the party. Everybody was enjoying the party, Starfish the birthday boy’s close friend Dolphin was dancing like anything. 

The puffer fish is busy in eating and he becomes big round like a football, the swordfish, and other sea animals are enjoying the dishes the evening party. A Parrot who lives on a tree near sea shore after seeing the birthday party, he started singing a very melodious song.

 On Parrot song, even swordfish and puffer fish along with starfish started dancing. The Octopus was busy in service to Miss Mermaid the queen of the sea who came with her telescope. The every sea magical animals were enjoying the birthday party.
Suddenly the sea queen Miss. Mermaid stand from her sit and with the help of her telescope she saw a pirates team is sailing towards her under water castle to loot the treasure of the castle.

She started crying, please save me save my castle from pirates. The mood of the party has disappeared from everybody face. All the animals started giving their advice, some say it is not possible to save the castle , some say lets us hide in deep water to protect yourself otherwise pirates will kill us too.

Suddenly the elder of the group, the sea turtle  come out and said do not be in fear,  in my entire life I have seen may such pirates. We will fight unitedly and will make the pirates ship sunk.

The sea turtle asked all members to please call all your friend and family to participate in this fight. The dolphin shouted loudly that she is going to call her big sister killer whale and they all move to castle. In the way to castle Lion fish and Sting Ray also join the group.

On reaching castle, everyone hides behind the castle. When the ship of Pirates came close to the castle to loot the treasure.  Suddenly all the sea animal from all sides of the castle attacked the ship of pirates. The pirates were not able to control his ship and his ship sunk. The killer whale ate the body of the pirates. By this way, unitedly sea world animals saved their queen sea castle from pirates. The sea queen Miss Mermaid was very happy she thanked everyone for protecting her castle......”

The story ends here.


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